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  • August Cargo – Now Loading ETD 07/31 ETA 08/15 [Reserve your shipment Here
  • July Cargo  Now Loading ETD 07/05 ETA 07/20 [CLOSED] 
  • June Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting 6/23
  • May Cargo II – Shipments are available for pick up starting 5/28
  • May Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting 5/20
  • April Cargo Shipments are available for pick up starting 4/18
  • March Cargo II – Shipments are available for pick up starting 3/31
  • March Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting 3/11
  • February Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting 2/26
  • January Cargo  Shipments are available for pick up starting 1/14
  • December Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting 12/18


rsvDue to the demand, we recommend that you reserve your shipment in advance. Once reserved the space is guaranteed until we pick up or receive your shipment. You can do so by filling out this form which will allow you to also schedule a pick up or drop off time. The space will be kept for you until we receive your item(s). Remember, we must receive all shipments before the loading date.




We provide the best services at a great value to our customers ensuring that their items are shipped safe and in a timely manner in Dakar. We have serviced individuals, businesses, and also have served many entities like the United Nations and other international organizations. Whether you are sending a few suitcases, your whole household, or cars etc… We will save you Money! We ship every month based on a set schedule. All dates are clearly laid out on our website; please refer to our calendar to plan ahead. We will work hard to ensure that you are confident in referring your friends, family and associates to us.



What our customers say about us...
Hello Sencargo Team,
I picked up my luggage from your Dakar location yesterday afternoon.Thanks for your professional services well appreciated which I'll recommend to friends and family.
Best regards.
Fall, RI
Amazing you guys are doing a wonderful job.thank you very much.and I hope we will be able to do business for a very long time
Lam, NYLam, NY
Merci pour votre service zero faute bonne continuation je vous remercie
Thank you and good job I receive my item
Dieng, NYDieng, NY
Thanks Sencargo for the good job you doing, may GOD guide u always.
Thank you SenCargo for your diligence. This is my 3rd container and I have to say that working with you is a real peace of mind, hard to find sometimes. when you spend years in the US, you learn to move away from the Senegalese way of doing business where time not handled properly. With SenCargo though, promises are always kept. Best of all, all the goods, some of them needed to be handled with care, got to my destination on time and intact. 
thanks and good luck. hope to work with you guys many more times.
I have been using Sencargo for years and I can simply say this: PROFESSIONALISM! 
I recommend you to everyone who is looking for a reliable shipping service.
Thanks Souleye for being so courteous!
Just sending you this mail to thank you as I received my shipment from your Dakar company . I appreciate your professionalism and am looking forward to work with you more in the future . As a customer I am prompt to complain so I should do the same when I am happy. Thank you and I am looking forward to my next shipment.
I'd like to thank you guys for the quality of the service. That was five star all the way. I truly appreciated it and look forward to working with you soon. Thank you!
Merci pour votre service zero faute  bonne continuation je vous remercie
Fall Fall
Thank you SenCargo! You guys are the best!  They came to my house to pick up the barrels and delivered them intact right at my front door, no fuss no muss!!!!  Thanks again!!
Niang Niang
Very happy with your services. Customer happiness is key to any business success. we are very proud to Sencargo and it's personnel. May Allah guide you and bless you all
Merci encore Sencargo,Je loue votre professionnalisme et votre serieux. Et en ce mois beni du Ramadanje prie pour que votre entreprise aille de l'avant. Mes felicitations a Jules et a toute son equipe. Fall, RI
Thank you Sencargo for all the good work you guys are doing. I am very happy doing Business with sencargo. Thank you again God Bless you. Keita, NY
Thank you so much, you guys are the best!!!
J' ai bien recu toutes mes affaires et j' apprecie beaucoup le professionnalisme de Sencargo. Merci et a bientot! Sagna, Senegal
Merci Sencargo de votre professionalisme, votre efficacite et votre rapidite. A bientot! Fall, RI
alhamdulilah mashaallah you're the best inshaallah I will always send with sencargo thanks. Ndaw, NJ
Great customer service, everyone who helped me was so patient. Alioune, MD
My shipment was timely received today. I just would like to thank and command you for the outstanding service you courteously and professionally provide your customers. Again , thank you very much. Thiam, Brooklyn NY
What a great service! I am deeply grateful. Thanks to Souley. Marieme, PA 
Hourayyy!!! Sencargo you are the best!!! I really appreciate doing business with you guys! Long live your business Niang,NJ 
Merci Sencargo. Ma famille a recu tous les colis. Vraiment Merci. Coly Columbus, OH
Thank you for your good and follow up service.you are truly number one.may god rank you to the first shipping company of new york to senegal.i'll tell all my friend to contact you for their shipping need.thank you. Gaye, NY
Hope all is well.  Once again thanks for a service well done.  Your people in Dakar, the lady who called me and Sidy who delivered my stuff were very professional and very polite, just like you guys in the States. Diaraf, VA
I just want to congratulate you for the outstanding service you provided me the last time I sent a package with you. You are the ultimate professionals in this business.Again thanks for the courtesy and constant update and the respect you show for clients. Thiam, NY