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  • - [April Cargo] Your shipment is now available for pick up starting Friday 4/11 -
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Latest Updates

  • June/Cargo Ramadan - Now loading ETD 5/30 ETA 6/15 [Reserve your shipment Here]
  • May Cargo - Now loading ETD 4/30 ETA 5/15 [CLOSED]
  • April Cargo - Has arrived in Dakar, awaiting custom clearance 4/14
  • April Cargo – Shipments are available for pick up starting Friday, 4/11 at 3PM
  • March Cargo - Shipments are available for pick up starting 3/6 at 2PM


rsvDue to the demand, we recommend that you reserve your shipment in advance. Once reserved the space is guaranteed until we pick up or receive your shipment. You can do so by filling out this form which will allow you to also schedule a pick up or drop off time. The space will be kept for you until we receive your item(s). Remember, we must receive all shipments before the loading date.




We provide the best services at a great value to our customers ensuring that their items are shipped safe and in a timely manner in Dakar. We have serviced individuals, businesses, and also have served many entities like the United Nations and other international organizations. Whether you are sending a few suitcases, your whole household, or cars etc… We will save you Money! We ship every month based on a set schedule. All dates are clearly laid out in our website; please refer to our calendar to plan ahead. We will work hard to ensure that you are confident in referring your friends, family and associates to us.